Is it sterling silver?

Yes. All of our products are sterling silver unless clearly stated in the product description. 

Are the pearls real?

Yes. Our pearl reveal pearls are cultured freshwater pearls which have been graded and re inserted into the shell. 

Are they dyed?

The brighter colours are dyed for colour. Colours may fade over time. See our care guide for advice in increasing the longevity of your jewellery. 
Natural colours are available. 

What's a crystal pearl?

Crystal pearls are Swarovski crystal beads coated in a lustrous range of colours. 

I don't have Facebook, can I still have pearl reveals.?

We can do a random pick for you during a live feed o and then follow up with you via email. 
The only difference with no Facebook is that you won't be able to watch your pearl be revealed from the shell however we can work with you if you wish to see the opening in an alternative way. 

What if I don't get the colour I want?

We keep a range of colours available as swaps. 
If we don't have the colour you want we will do our best to get it for you.