Caring for your sterling silver and pearl jewellery.

Pearls are the worlds only organic gemstone and are composed of calcium carbonate. They are softer and more delicate than other gemstones and as such they are more likely to become scratched or damaged. Dyed pearl colours may fade over time but gentle cleaning and good wearing habits will help keep them looking gorgeous.

Sterling silver 925 is a precious metal and requires simple cleaning and maintenance to prevent and remove tarnish. Even with daily wear silver can become dirty and and look dull and tarnished.

Fear not! We know cleaning your precious jewellery can seem like a daunting task but these simple hints and tips will help to keep your pearls and silver as bright, eye catching and lustrous as the day you bought them.

Storing your silver and pearls.

Don't fall into the trap of leaving your jewellery in the bathroom cabinet, on your dressing table or heaven forbid the bottom of your handbag!

Air exposure will accelerate tarnishing and incorrect storage can result in ugly scratches and damage to your jewellery.

Store your jewellery in a soft interior jewellery box taking care to keep each piece separate to avoid tangling, tarnish and damage.

Silver alone can be stored in airtight bags.

Pearls alone can be stored in soft linen or cloth bags.

Set pearl jewellery is best stored in individual soft linen or cloth bags.

Know when to take your jewellery off.

Taking of that stunning new piece of jewellery might seem unthinkable but to keep your silver bright, your pearls lustrous and your settings solid removing your jewellery from time to time is imperative.

Everyday activities can damage and accelerate tarnishing of your jewellery.

Sweat, ammonia, chlorine, household chemicals and detergents even heat and water can cause corrosion, damage to setting bonds and tarnishing.

Remove your jewellery when bathing, swimming, using the gym or sauna and when using any cleaning products including doing the dishes!

Apply make-up, self tan, perfumes, body lotions, hair products etc and allow them to dry before putting on your jewellery.

Your jewellery is delicate, don't wear it whilst performing manual tasks and minimise the risk of damage.

Cleaning and maintenance.

Silver and pearls are precious and despite our best efforts it is a fact that they will become dirty from time to time and develop tarnish.

Thankfully keeping them clean and sparkly is as simple as A, B, C.

Always give your jewellery a quick clean before putting it back in the box. A silver polishing cloth or lint free cloth will suffice. Work in up and down motions rather than small circles as these can cause dirt to pool. Don't forget to use a clean part of the cloth each time so that you don't transfer any dirt back onto the piece.

Be careful when cleaning your jewellery. Avoid twisting and tugging set pearls so as to not break the bonds and be gentle around stones. You may find a damp cotton bud gets into those hard to get places.

Clean gently. Don't use detergents, abrasive cleaners and polishes, boiling water or ultrasonic cleaners. Warm water and a lint free cloth is all you need.