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Bingo Blue Tickets Small Gam..
Each Game of bingo will consist of 1 line, 2 lines and a full house for website spends. Played on a single board of 15 Numbers, 5 on each line. If in the event of a split, winning players will receive an equal split of the prize. Cards will be marked with us and you can request a copy of your numbers...
Charm Lucky Dip
Charm Lucky Dip. Each Envelope contains 1 random charm and attachment of choice, with a retail of 15 min and a choice of either an oyster opening or a crystal pearl. Envelopes will be opened on the next available live following your purchase. This Item does NOT qualify for a pre-order bonus.
Lucky Dip
25 Lucky Dip. Contains at least 1 piece of jewellery worth 25 or more! Will come with the relevant oyster or crystal pearls to match what needed for the jewellery. Can contain extra goodies too like pwh vouchers & extra oyster openings! Items are a mixture of jewellery. We do have extra envelopes if...
Orange Bingo. 3 Slip Game.
Each game of Bingo will consist of 1 line, 2 lines and a Full House. Played on 3 Boards consisting of 15 numbers on each one. Cards will be marked by us and you can have a picture of your cards sent to you so you can also play along, just pop us a message to the facebook page. Games will be played when...
Tombola Ticket Please request to join the PWH Pearl Lover Support Group if you wish to play and read through the pinned post. . Dates for tombola will be given when tickets sell out and a post will be created with winning numbers and their prizes. Tickets will be done in order of invoices received. If...